Almost Too Difficult To Watch – “Changeling” (Spoiler Alert)

Beware, mothers. To watch this film is to take a journey into the darkness of a parent’s worst fear. The sanctity of your dreams will be violated and you will find yourself, as I did, checking on your children as they sleep.


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Kids and Depression – When Behavior Goes Beyond

Sadness. Depression. Anger. Rage. These feelings that exist on the dark side affect us all at one point or another, but what do you do if you see them occurring in your children? What are the causes? When should you seek outside help?

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Sex Offenders – What you need to know

In the summer of 1994, 7 year-old Megan Kanka was lured into a seemingly friendly neighbor’s home to see their new puppy. That neighbor raped and murdered her.

He lived across the street from Megan’s home.

Because of this, Megan’s Law was signed by President Clinton in 1996 which required that all sex offenders register their address when they move and that all states must make this information available to the public. It was a step towards safety that resulted from an unspeakable tragedy but is it enough to keep your children safe?

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TSP is in the Top 100 Family Blogs on Technorati!

Thank you to all my readers who made ‘The Truly Single Parent’ rise to the Top 100 list of family blogs on Technorati!

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A Real Life “Back-Up Plan”… Should You Have One?

Given the challenges that being a single mom can bring, what would you do if you want children but are not in a relationship? What are the pros? The cons? Voice your opinion now.

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The Daycare Dilemma – How To Find the Perfect Caregiver for your Child

For a single parent, the quest to find a caregiver for your child during working hours can be both overwhelming and scary. From extended family to traditional daycare the options seem limitless and the cost for many is often too high. How can you pick the perfect fit for your children, your bank account, and your trust?

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How To Cope When YOU Get Sick

As a single parent, one of the worst things to hear from your child is, “Mommy/Daddy, I don’t feel well.” Your heart lurches and you instinctively reach out to comfort your suffering child with vaporizers, Tylenol, and love. Usually they recover quickly and life carries on, but what happens when the tables are turned and it’s you shivering with a fever beneath a forlorn pile of blankets?

Who takes care of the kids?

Who takes care of you?

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